Digital Detox: 3 Essential Gadgets to Declutter Your Digital Life

Gadgets from Punjab Province, PakistanGadgets are taking over your world. On any given day, you might carry two mobile phones and one tablet or one laptop. Most brands have ‘shrunk’ the size and decreased the weight of their digital products, but carrying two to three devices is still straining. Add multiple data cables, chargers or storage devices, and you will feel overwhelmed.

Perhaps it’s time for a digital detox.

You don’t have to give up all your gadgets. Similarly, you don’t need to get everything to do what you need to do. The right gadget, like a smart phone, finally functioning as a computer, can perform the task of several gadgets.

Save money and keep your sanity intact with these essential devices:

1. The Laptop Hybrid

It functions as a laptop and a tablet computer. Think of your laptop, with a touchscreen, or a tablet, with a keyboard. The laptop hybrid is perfect for students and professionals who prefer the less bulky computer.

Hybrids, like Microsoft Pro are light, but still pack essential features. Even MyShop is convinced it’s the laptop built appropriately for the millennials. It runs all desktop software and professional programs. It comes with advanced wireless capabilities. It also enables video conferencing, with front- and rear-facing cameras.

2. The Power Bank

Smartphones are getting smarter and laptops are getting more powerful. However, manufacturers have yet to come up with a device that doesn’t require charging after nine hours of use. A power bank allows you to charge devices on the go. Not all power banks though work for all devices. You need to check your device if it’s compatible with the power bank.

3. The Smart Watch

A smart watch can run apps and play digital media. It can also measure your workout accurately, whether you’re running or swimming. Many, like the Apple Watch, will feature a heart rate sensor and link to your other devices. With a Bluetooth connection, you can also make a call, check and reply to your messages from your smart watch.

Gadgets don’t have to take over your life. They exist to make your life easier. Choose the right ones. And optimise your digital life with a few, powerful devices.