How to Detect and Solve Blocked Drains Problems?

Blocked DrainsDrainage systems are an important part of any construction that call for proper maintenance and inspections on a regular basis. These can get blocked due to a variety of reasons, such as waste build up, tree root inserts, corrosion, soil and other such particles.

• Initial detection

When you notice that water is not flowing as usual in your kitchen sink, it could be a simple blocked drain pipe. This can be set right by a plumbing snake or a plunger. You can set this issue right yourself. If the clogging is due to oil or grease that has been disposed down the pipe, then pouring hot water gradually can help unclog it.

Once you notice that other fixtures are sluggish and water is moving slowly, then it will not be a local clog problem. Call in the plumber who has the expertise and the tools to solve the issue. There are many such experts in Perth and other Australian cities.

• Call in the experts

The plumber should be called in if you are not able to solve the issues yourself quickly. There could be an internal blockage in some other place. Sometimes, waste might back up into the building from toilets. This could be a waste disposal problem and will need the experts to solve it. Industry veteran Perina Plumbing noted that most plumbers today use a range of modern gadgets such as CCTVs to detect leaks, damages, and blockages.

• The plumber can help you

The plumber must check random fixtures in the building to find the source of the problem. Normally, the fixtures on the top floors will drain as usual but the lowest floors will have big problems. Keep in mind that if the particular fixture has always been sluggish, it could be an initial installation error. The plumber can check this out, as well.

The plumbing expert can open the clogged fixture and determine if the issue is with building vent system or an external problem. These problems can be due blockage caused by snow or ice, if the issue occurs only in freezing weather conditions. The plumber can confirm this and suggest remedies so that this does not repeat every winter.

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  1. My advise is that first you must try to solve the issues yourself and if in case it don’t get fixed, then you can contact the experts. You must certainly try below mentioned DIY tips.

    First, you must pour a pot of boiled hot water down your shower drain. Then, add about a ½ cup of baking soda directly into the drainage system. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes before pouring a mixture of ½ cup vinegar and one cup of very hot water on the top of it.

    Using baking soda and hot water drain-cleaning solution works because it loosens the grim found at the bottom of your blocked drain.

    If above tips don’t workout, then it is advisable to contact professional drain services local to you.

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