Design Trends your Website Should Have This Year

html codeMany web design experts agree that while web design trends are exactly that—trends—some are effective and organic evolutions of the web design industry. Likewise, as the scope of mobile devices on which people view the web continues to expand, websites should also constantly and consistently adapt to users’ needs and meet the ever-evolving changes regarding web design.

Perth-based lists the top web design trends for your website.

Full Screen Vids and Background

This is understandable since majority of people prefer watching videos instead of reading. It’s easier to communicate a story and feel emotion with moving graphics, no matter how short the video is.

Flat and Material Web Design

Flat design was a big hit last year and will still be big, if not bigger this year, because of its streamlined and clean style allowing for optimised performance, most especially on mobile devices. Material design will likewise be a big player this year since what Google says, usually goes.

Interactive Infographics

Static Infographics move over and make way for interactive infographics. These allow site visitors to effectively interact with the infographic, which makes for an engaging and interactive user experience.


These tiny interactions aid in accomplishing a simple task like liking or sharing a post or rating an article or song. They enhance user interaction and make websites interactive and more engaging.

Web Typography

Different view ports and reading distances will be addressed with more functional, flexible, and responsive web typography. This year, experts predict that you will see diversity and bigger types everywhere.

While some of these trends won’t stand the test of time, the web is, was, and will constantly evolve and develop. Fresh patterns and trends crop up almost daily and if you want your website to have the
perfect design and stay above the competition, try everything you possibly can. Keep in mind however that as a whole, the driving force of the web is accessibility and simplification.

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