Decisions, Decisions: Your Ultimate Guide to Buying a Used Car

used carBuying a used car is not as easy as it may seem. It requires a thorough inspection of the car and even after a quick inspection, you may still end up wanting something better.

For many, buying a second hand car is the best option, however, since brand new cars are expensive. To make sure you actually save from the purchase, remember these things:

  • Do your research

Find information about the car model, features, reviews and common problems. A dealer can tell you all about the specs, but keep in mind that their goal is to sell the vehicle. Some disadvantages of the car might not come up—unless they want you to buy a more expensive model.

Take your time when buying a used car. Do not be an impulsive buyer.

  • Make sure the car is in good working condition

Car owners and auction companies sell used cars, but you should not buy a vehicle without inspecting it. Pickles Auction suggests inspecting the car before making a bid. Get help from a mechanic you know.

Mechanics can see the real condition of the used car, its lifespan and how long the engine will serve you. When buying cars or trucks, look at its engine capacity and safety features. Make sure there are no leaks or weird engine noise as well.

  • Look for the history report

Make sure the car has a history report, including details on ownership and problems. The history can help you narrow down options and negotiate for a good price. Sixteen per cent of used cars for sale have been in an accident, so make sure you read that history report thoroughly.

Even after an accident, a used car can still be repaired, so don’t take them off your list just yet. As long as it is in good working condition and the price is reasonable, consider it an option.

  • Find the VIN number

Investigate the car’s VIN information. This might take some effort, but it is worth it. You don’t want to spend your money on a scammer, so make sure the information matches the records.

In purchasing a car, make sure to look for any damages and problems. It always pays to read car reviews and get help from industry experts.

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