Dating Plan: Preparing for the Big Game

Dating CoupleDates are for the most part, romantic engagements between two people looking to get to know each other better. For the gentlemen of Perth, it is their chance to impress their ladies. That being said, nobody wants to disappoint on dates. It must be executed with precision to maximum effect. If you plan on making it a success, it pays to be prepared.

Here are some hacks you should consider making before the big day:

Personal Appearance

The date is your opportunity to show her the best side of you. This said, you have to present a very dashing image. Much of her first impression if you will be based on your physical appearance, so please do suit up. Prepare your best clothes ahead of time. Iron your shirt, shine your shoes, trim your fingernails and such.

You may also want to visit the famous hair salon in Perth and get the best hairstyle – they cater to men too, just so you know. According to Circles of Subiaco, the girl will surely notice your effort.


Dates can be as spontaneous as you want them. But it pays to have an itinerary in mind. You asked her out, thus she expects that you have something in store for her. Gather intelligence, know what she likes and use this to come up with a plan. If she likes adventure, then she’ll definitely appreciate a trek. Take her to places that will excite her. In time she will come to associate these excitements with you.


If you want to impress, a gift never fails. Give her something to remember your time together by. It can be flowers, a stuffed animal, chocolates, whatnot. Play your gift to effect. When everything has gone well during the date, use the gift as the final nail when you two finally part. Whatever you give, be creative, and make it special.

Dates are opportunities to win the affections of your partner. Do not squander this opportunity and prepare accordingly.