Crystal Clear: Reasons Why Clear Aligners Make for Better Aesthetics

Invisalign in Much HadhamInvisalign, an orthodontic treatment, consists of a series of removable, thermoplastic aligners. Custom-made to fit you, the aligners serve to espouse convenience. As the treatment process goes on, you will replace your aligners as time passes, depending on how your teeth are moving into their proper positions.

MiSmile, a network of over 40 independent dental practitioners in the UK, specialises in the treatment procedure. The company discusses what makes Invisalign an effective and popular way of straightening teeth.

The company states that there are more than 2.5 million Invisalign patients worldwide. Apart from its capability to straighten teeth like conventional braces, Invisalign’s popularity roots itself in being barely noticeable. And despite being virtually invisible, these clear aligners are of durable medical grade thermoplastic — customised and built to be able to stand daily use.

What Makes Clear Aligners Fashionable?

If it cannot be emphasised enough, the popularity in the use of clear aligners is due to its discreet facade. People will barely notice how you are wearing them, which makes the embarrassing need to wear braces acceptable. Unlike conventional braces, clear aligners can partner with any of your dressing styles; from formal to casual or sporty. It will not make a dent on your look since it can go unnoticed.

In addition, clear aligners make for better aesthetics since it gradually fixes your teeth. So, in increments, your smile is improving with every phase of the treatment.

Take for example how, in a public speaking event, you can take out the clear aligners if you need to. Its removability makes it a flexible treatment procedure, whereas conventional braces are clunky and blatantly on display. Unlike the overlapping wires and gleaming metals of conventional braces, Invisalign is cool enough to show off.

Lastly, Invisalign can provide people with an orthodontic treatment they can be proud of. The confidence it provides can boost your self-esteem. What is a smile if it is not sincere? This alone is enough to make clear aligners a fashionable accessory.