Crime Scenes: 3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know

Crime SceneWhile exciting and engaging, CSI and other scene-of-the-crime procedural television shows are not as authentic as your local officer or investigator would tell you. Since these programs have to grip the audience, writers and producers take a lot of liberty when portraying officers and cases.

Here are some things you didn’t know about crime scenes:

1. The Police Never Clean Anything Up

You may think that the CSI operatives “clean as you go” just like any worker, but they don’t. They could, but it’s rarely the case. They can go over the crime scene with a fine-toothed comb, but they hardly pick up after themselves. A trauma cleanup company comes in to fix everything as per the owner’s instructions and state law, Bio & Trauma Scene Clean Up explains.

2. Nothing Is As Gruesome As Primetime TV Crime Shows

While some YouTube channels and shows like to differ, most cases are usually alike. You’ll be surprised at how many actual cases are just normal marital fights gone wrong or simple stick-ups. Rarely do you get the intricate and intense cases you see online.

3. Technology Is Now Part of the Crime Scene

This doesn’t just mean emptying hard drives and checking phone records. While the previously-mentioned items are important, investigators can now use GPS, Facebook and even Foursquare check-ins to piece together what happened.

Why do these shows deviate from reality so much? Well, trauma cleanup firms don’t really make for good TV (even if they’re a complete necessity). But you can play a video game that simulates the process.

A lot of these shows sensationalize most police work, and even the FBI admit that it’s not in the interest of any agency to check how they’re portrayed in mainstream media. This means that how believable the shows are is entirely up to how much the writers want to sell as the truth and how much you want to believe as a viewer.