Cosmetic Dentistry for a Stellar Smile

A smiling woman in a dentistry There is a widely-held belief that in comparison to the Americans, the British have terrible teeth. Over the years, this has given American film and television producers plenty of material and made the Brits the butt of many toothy jokes. Interestingly however, there is research that shows that overall, dental health in the UK is actually better than that of many Americans. Various factors such as smoking and sugar consumption may be responsible for this.

What is very different though are the levels of cosmetic dental treatments that are performed in the two countries. Virtually all the films we see and many popular TV series are made in America, so we are accustomed to seeing perfect straight, white teeth on our screens. This is probably why demand for these treatments is currently higher in the USA than here in Britain. Things are changing in the UK now and many cosmetic dentists such as Smilemakers in Southampton are seeing an increasing number of their patients opting for a range of dental treatments that are aesthetic, rather than essential.

Pearly white and perfectly aligned

Cosmetic dental treatments are designed to address a wide range of issues focused on the appearance of your teeth. These range from the relatively simple such as teeth whitening, through to more complex procedures such as orthodontics and dental implants. Very often a range of treatments may be required to create a perfect smile, starting with braces to straighten the teeth. This may be followed up with teeth whitening treatment to show off your newly aligned teeth.

If your teeth are only slightly uneven dental veneers are an effective way of restoring the appearance of damaged or poorly shaped teeth. They are made from ultra-thin porcelain shells which are bonded to your teeth. If you are thinking about having your teeth whitened, you should have this done before you opt for veneers as it is not possible to alter their colour once they are made.

If your overall dental health is good, there are so many ways to improve the appearance of your teeth. That film star smile is no longer just something you see on the screen; it can be something you see every time you look in the mirror.