Common Denture Problems and How to Solve Them

Common Denture ProblemsWhen you think of dentures, do you think of your grandma’s false teeth sitting in a glass by her bed? If so, you may remember her struggling to eat hard or chewy foods, or you may have seen her teeth slip out of position or even fall out completely. Whilst grandma may have been able to see the funny side, if you’ve recently been told you need dentures yourself, you may be secretly terrified of the same thing happening to you.

Modern dentures are much more comfortable and realistic in terms of appearance and action than even those of a few decades ago, but many denture-wearers still experience unwanted problems with their fit. This can influence your diet, as healthy eating can become something of a challenge. It can also impact upon your speech, and your self-image if you fear your teeth will slide out in public.

An increasingly common solution to these denture woes is to use dental implants to secure your dentures. Sheen Dental Implants in Richmond offers denture stabilisation, which involves placing just two to four implants in each jaw (in most cases) to support a full-arch denture.

Some people, understandably, balk at the idea of elective oral surgery, but in fact implant placement is not a complex procedure from the patient’s point of view. Often only a local anaesthetic is needed, and many patients report it is more comfortable and bearable than tooth extraction.

Dental implants are the only way to replace tooth roots. This is important for two reasons: first, your new teeth are held firmly in place with a strength akin to that of a natural root, and secondly because they are made out of titanium implants help to preserve the health of your jaw bone.

A resorbing (shrinking) jaw bone is the main reason traditional dentures become loose. A dentist or clinical dental technician will ensure your dentures fit snugly when they are first placed, but when the jaw bone starts to resorb the fit of the denture will change.

Choosing implant-retained dentures helps to prevent this problem. Instead, you will be free to enjoy all the functionality of a brand new set of natural-looking teeth.