College Hacks: Staying Awake

College Group StudyFinals is Coming to Town

Finals are just around the corner and hopefully you are ready for the last sleepless nights you will be pulling off this semester to finish your readings.

Most people developed the habit of taking caffeine – chocolates, hot or iced blended coffee from, to stay awake but there are ways you can do to make this habit work because sometimes, drinking coffee alone is not enough.

Walking notes that walking can help promote blood circulation and along with this, it can also promote the proper distribution of oxygen in the blood that leads to your brain. Therefore, you can feel more awake and more energized. Do take a walk for ten minutes every two hours.

Engage in a Conversation

One way to keep yourself awake is by starting or joining a conversation. This way, your mind can stay awake with you with the little topics you have with your mates. However, keep yourself focused. Otherwise, end up talking about your crush and you might just pull off an all-nighter learning about him/her and that is not really what you are trying to achieve (although fun, but take priorities first!)

Power nap

Most students take power naps that last for hours. The right power nap should not exceed 25 minutes and preferably not on your desk unlike most opinions. Also remember that the nap you take should be shorter as it gets closer to your bedtime to avoid oversleeping.

Take an “Eye Break”

When you think napping is not for you, then the least you can do is to rest your eyes once in a while to avoid strain. Relax your eyes by closing them for about ten minutes, or look away from your notes or the computer once in a while because the strain to your eyes can cause sleepiness.

These are simple things you can do to keep yourself awake this time of the semester. Remember that studying should not be at the expense of your health so instead of studying hard, study wise, and may the force be with you.