Classy and Sturdy: Hardwood Garage Doors

garage doorsToday there are several materials available on the market for building and customising garage doors. There are many natural and man-made materials that present their individual string of benefits.

Many home owners, however, still prefer traditional hardwood whether for building a new home or when doing home improvement projects.  There are many reasons for this besides the fact that they are sturdy and lovely.

Joinery For All Seasons lists a few of the benefits of installing a hardwood door:

  • There are a variety of choices possible within the range of wooden doors alone. It is easy to find a colour and style that will suit your personal needs and taste.
  • You can get the exact finish and grain to go with your home décor.
  • Besides picking the perfect material, you can also customise this material very well to your specific needs, style and size.
  • Compared to steel and plastic, wooden finishes and material provide better insulation. Thus, you will save more money on your heating costs and utility bills.
  • This kind of insulation is very important, especially if you use your garage to keep pets, have converted it into a play area or you like to occasionally have a social function in there.
  •  Apart from providing insulation benefits, durability and security, these wooden structures also look very attractive and classy.  They add monetary and aesthetic value to the exteriors of your home, thereby increasing its value in the estate market.
  • They are more luxurious when compared to other softwood, plastic and metal. But unlike plastic and metals, which tend to get damaged in inclement weather conditions, hardwood is more sturdy and durable. Softwood also tends to warp over a period of time and will need replacement often. Hence, as they are durable and long lasting, the hardwood door will pay for itself in the long run.
  • They also do not require much in terms of care and maintenance. Care should however be taken to varnish it or give it a protective coating. This should be anti-termite and anti-graffiti coatings to protect it and prolong its life.

You can consult with your local retailer and pick a material of your choice, and find out about its care. The retailer can give their expert suggestions, if you can tell them the specific and exact needs and preferences, the size of your garage and the style of door you would like for your house.

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