Choosing cosmetic dentistry to boost your smile and your body image

Cosmetic DentistryEverybody deserves a smile to be proud of – even you! However, Mother Nature doesn’t bless us all with a perfectly proportioned, perfectly aligned, beautifully bright white smile. Cosmetic dentistry has grown rapidly in popularity with ordinary men and women in recent years, as more people begin to realise the true value of an attractive smile, and reach out for help in achieving their dream smile.

For those who find their confidence or self-esteem affected by issues such as stained, discoloured, or misaligned teeth, a smile makeover can make a big difference. Many people who suffer with poor body image believe they are not worth investing in or feel guilty treating themselves. That simply isn’t true. Everyone deserves to be happy and confident, and to enjoy life to the full as the beautiful, unique human being that they are.

A responsible dental practice such as Vogue Dental Care in Luton will help those who would like to make over their smile to find the perfect treatment to suit their needs.

The most common request made of a cosmetic dentist is for brighter, whiter teeth, which can be achieved with teeth whitening treatment or veneers. Other common procedures include teeth straightening treatment and ways to repair worn, chipped or damaged teeth.

A smile is one of the most personal things that we own, and everybody’s idea of a dream smile will be different. A good cosmetic dentist won’t suggest a quick fix or one-size-fits all remedy – instead they will work with you, fully involving you at all stages of your treatment, so that you can work together to create the smile you’ve always wanted.

Cosmetic dentistry is a broad church and treatments can be provided as standalone procedures or in various combinations, fully customised to create the smile you’ve always longed for – whatever that entails.

Many dental practices now use advanced 3D computer software, which means your dentist can show you the results you can expect from any treatments before they begin. At some practices, you even have the opportunity to talk to other patients who have undergone the same procedure, so that you can listen to first-hand experience.