Choose and Spend Wisely on Your Next Gutter Guard Investment

Home GutterLeaf-free gutters won’t give you a problem. They will function optimally, carrying rainwater away and dumping them away from your home. However, you can't always be on the roof to make sure there is no debris blocking the flow. Screens and other gutter protection products are available from retailers and online sellers, but they are not created equal. Some of these products will not do you any good when heavy showers come.

Why it's important to choose and install good gutter guards

The gutters on your roof are very important in water management. Without them, all the rainwater pouring down from the sky will drench the soil around your home’s foundation. In time, even the toughest concrete will crack when surrounded by earth saturated with water. Are you willing to spend $10,000 to $25,000 for structural repairs to save your house from falling apart? To avoid this nuisance, all you need to do is make sure the gutter system on your roof is debris-free and fully functional.

What are your current options?

There are two primary categories and five main types of gutter guards in the market today. Gutter screens and covers are the categories. The main difference in the screens lies in the type of material used. The main types of screens are foam, mesh, bottlebrush, reverse curve, and nylon. Meanwhile, covers may be in the form of metal covers, plastic covers, or made from foam, mesh, or nylon. Consult with the supplier to determine which product suits your home.

When you see the range of products, you will realize manufacturers are taking gutter protection seriously. Products in the market are tested for effectiveness. For an easier cleaning of debris, choose a gutter guard with an open structure made from sturdy mesh. When you flush it with water, any debris caught in the mesh will dislodge and flow down with the water spray.