Census Bureau Data Shows Hudson as Divorce Capital of New York

Hudson emerged as the divorce capital of New York in 2016, according to an analysis of the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.

More than 16% of the population in the city were divorced, while those who were married comprised almost 30% of the population. The state’s divorce rate in the past two years reached 8.7%, based on the analysis.

Divorce Priorities

If you live in Suffolk County, a divorce lawyer should be one of your priorities when you plan to dissolve your marriage. The American Psychological Association said that up to 50% of marriages in the country end up in a divorce, while those who tie the knot again have an even higher chance of breaking up.

In nearby states such as New Jersey, the state’s divorced population was slightly lower than New York at 8.5%. Pennsylvania, however, had a bigger percentage than both states at 9.6%. These percentage rates might drop in the future, once a new tax system on alimony payments becomes effective in 2019.

Expensive Alimony Payments

Couples who are in the middle of a divorce should hasten the process before December 31, if they wish to avoid a messier settlement. The federal government’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will require all alimony payments for receiving spouses to be non-taxable, which will be the opposite for paying spouses.

This change may force some couples to remain married, even when they are unhappy, according to Ken Neumann, New York City’s Center for Mediation and Training director. Neumann cited the possibly burdensome taxes on alimony payments that could turn off some couples to file for a divorce.

If you are considering divorce, you should reach a decision soon. The tax changes on alimony payments will most likely make it harder for you to leave your spouse.