Why Render is Better Than Just Cement

October 25, 2018

Have you noticed that a building applied with render looks more pleasing to the eye than one that is covered only by just cement? The difference lies in the simple structural mechanics of the materials Read More

Tips for Fridge Maintenance

October 6, 2018

Dealing with the abysmal state of the home refrigerator is not a one-person job. The whole family should be in on it, as every member uses the appliance all year. Sure, Mom and Dad might Read More

Want a Warmer Home? Take These Steps

September 19, 2018

Living in a cold region can be cool. But it is not always pleasant. There are times when your home will feel unwelcome because of the cold. If you have been living in this type Read More

2 Crucial Issues When Building Your Dream Home

August 17, 2018

Many people overlook the need to exercise due diligence when buying a lot to build their dream homes only to run into unexpected problems. Double checking the utilities and restrictions lets you start everything right. Read More

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