Going Incognito

April 13, 2018

Take one glance at any glossy magazine or billboard and it’s easy to see that a beautifully aligned set of teeth is the desired norm. The thing is, having straight teeth is not just about Read More

Frequently Asked Questions about Retainers

March 1, 2018

People will need some orthodontic work done at some point in their lives. Retainers are a common orthodontic treatment for people with minor cosmetic issues. Wearing retainers offers a number of benefits. However, if a Read More

Pearly White Once More

February 14, 2018

It’s easy to see why teeth whitening is the world’s most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment. In Belfast, teeth whitening is also the number one treatment that people choose when they want to add some zing Read More

3 Easy Tips to Keep Your Health in Check

February 7, 2018

Nowadays, most lifestyles don’t cater to the health requirements that people need. Many are usually working late hours on a chair, eating unhealthy food that’s easy to grab and munch on. If you find yourself Read More

The 3 Best Ways to Lose Weight

February 7, 2018

Many people want to lose weight for different reasons; it could be to look and feel good about themselves or for health concerns. Whatever these are, there are different ways you could lose weight healthily. Here Read More

Get gnashers that actually gnash

November 16, 2017

What most people want their teeth to do is bite, chew and help them speak clearly. They want them to do this properly, and, when it comes to the biting and chewing bit that requires Read More

Too Old for Martial Arts? Says Who?

November 9, 2017

If you are on the fence about learning martial arts but are scared of starting because of your age, don’t fret; you are not alone. Plenty of adults think just like you. However, you shouldn’t Read More

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