Building Your Dream Home: How to Work with Your Builder

Your builder will be your partner throughout your house building process. How well your partnership works will have a big effect on the outcome of the project—and on the fees that you’ll need to pay at the end. This is why it’s important to hire the right building contractor and develop a good working relationship.
Here’s how you can work with your building company effectively:

Choose Wisely

Choose your building contractor with care. Just because you’re given a low quote doesn’t mean the candidate is fit for the job. Get recommendations from local authorities and trusted friends. Check the basics when screening candidates; ask for proper certifications and licenses, and speak with clients who can vouch for their work.

House under construction

Prepare a Contract

Contracts protect your interest as a client. Your contract should outline the proposed work, the completion date, the budget, and the guidelines for “unforeseen elements” or contingencies.

Set Expectations

Set the standard of work you expect from the beginning. Double check your plan and review it with your contractor. Discuss the project Killer Conversation Starters  in detail, being particular with what you want each area of your home to look. Setting expectations will avoid delays and save time and money.

Hire a Good Certifier

Hire a certifier who will supervise the elements of the jobs that need approval by the city council and different environmental organisations. Certifiers act as independent watchdogs; they ensure that every work in your property is done to the required standard.

One of the keys to making your home’s building process a success is developing a good working relationship with your contractor. Work with trusted builders and property developers in your locality, like McCarthy Homes, to build your dream home. You may also visit the website of Your Home and the Building Commission for more tips and advice.