A Bucket List of Small Home Improvement Projects that Add Big Value

In today’s tough market in Australia, fetching top dollar for your home does not require a luxurious living room remodel or a costly kitchen redesign. Your best bet is to invest in a series of small remodelling projects that boost your home’s appeal. Home improvement experts such as Better Homes and Gardens and Million Dollar Makeovers share Perth renovation projects that will increase your home’s value.

home renovations

Here are some of them:

Put wasted area to work

Transform a plain wall into storage by adding cabinets or open shelves. These will add value to your home. When it comes time to sell, it will likely attract potential buyers.

Replace windows

Make a list and spend a couple of hours fixing old items. Replacing your old windows could be the answer. New windows can do so much for the look of a home inside and out. Whether you choose wood or vinyl, you can recover up to 50% of the project’s cost.

Install new lighting

The living room is the first thing guests will see when they enter your home. Make sure the room welcomes them in style. Install new lighting and make sure it is perfect. You will be amazed how well-placed light can make your home more inviting.

Everything you do to improve your home can add value. Small renovation projects can go a long way toward making your house feel even more like home.