Bride on a Budget: 4 Wedding Hacks to Cut Costs But Still Get the Same Elegance

wedding hacksWeddings are both horrid and happy. No one knows this more than the bride herself. Did you know that some brides lose weight simply from the wedding stress? While this could always be a good thing for most brides, just imagine what other girls feel when the dress doesn’t fit and hangs loose?

Wedding hacks aren’t ways to cheapen your big day—they’re to make things easier and ease your mind. So if you’re planning a wedding, here are the top four hacks you should know:

1. Two wedding cakes

Wait, what?! How can having two wedding cakes cut costs and relieve stress? Essentially, you get a cake simply to look pretty for cutting and you have more afforable, sheet cakes to give to your guests. By doing this, you don’t have to pay for a large, pretty cake that can cost hundreds of dollars and instead get a small, beautiful cake to share with your partner after the ceremony while others have bigger slices during the reception.

2. Have a bra sewn into your gown

The best way to prevent wardrobe malfunctions or see anything peeking through your dress is to not wear underwear. Instead, ask your modiste to have your dress come with bra pads that are your size so you don’t have to worry about straps showing or pads moving.

3. Lose the extras

Don’t bother with keychains, magnets and small items you include in your invitations. These just add up to an expense that isn’t memorable since people throw away these small things. Concentrate on making the day more memorable instead of how hard the preparations were.

4. Rent something that doesn’t need a lot of decoration

If you’re looking to cut costs and stress, find somewhere that’s great for scenic wedding rentals. Minneapolis, MN has a lot of great places that don’t need a lot of décor since the environment is snazzy in itself.

Always keep in mind that your wedding should me memorable and produce enough happiness to last a lifetime. Spending too much can only cast a pall on a day that’s supposed to be the best day of your life.

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