Beyond Rain Gutter Materials Pros and Cons

Gutter System in UtahLeaky gutters are no fun. It’s an eyesore and can damage nearby areas. It erodes topsoil, stains siding, wets basements and rots windows and doors.

Proper installation and use of quality materials are therefore a must.


Gutter materials range from high-end custom products like copper and stainless-steel to cost-effective types like steel and aluminum. Among these and other options like vinyl, galvanized steel, and wood, aluminum is a common choice.

It is affordable and rust-free, two factors that make it a top pick especially for general gutter work or repair, Utah’s Double T. Inc states. The choice should be the thickest and made of primary aluminum to make it stand up sharp falling objects like branches.

Steel is also a popular choice for the same reasons above, except that it rusts. In fact, for $4-$8, it is the most economical. It is stronger than aluminum, too. But then again even thick galvanized steel will rust in the long run.

Vinyl is also affordable at $3-$5 per 10-feet. It does not rot and rust, but can get brittle with time and extreme cold.

Options in the higher-end section have special purposes. For instance, copper is ideal for classic restorations. Their attractive look is a bonus. There are faux-copper gutters, too, if you want copper color but not its price.

Stainless steel gutters also keep its shine after several years. Wood gutters are rare, but restorations can make use of it.

Installation and Maintenance Repairs

In addition to quality materials, the following are key to an efficient and lasting gutter system at home.

  • Preparation, including carpentry repairs, makes sure the base is solid.
  • Right angle makes good drainage.
  • A continuous (seamless) gutter needs a pro to install it, while sectional is common for a DIY approach.
  • Size and shape also matter, because what good is a gutter if it is small for the rainfall intensity in Utah?
  • Warranties and insurance are useful for lasting maintenance and repairs. It applies to the gutter, accessories, and labor.
  • Insurance protects homeowners when the contractor gets out of business.

Ultimately, the choice is about what is within budget range. Each material has pros and cons. Proper installation, care, and repairs are what matter most for lasting home gutters.