Best Dogs for Apartment Living

Dogs are a wonderful addition to any family or household. When you’re renting an apartment, however, there could be limitations about pet ownership. Fortunately, there are dog breeds that could fit well in your living condition. Here are some of the breeds perfect for apartment dwellers:

Boston Terrier

These dogs are polite and very quiet, making them ideal for any apartment owner. They also bond close with their owners, showing affection and loyalty. As they are conveniently small, they only require a small living space and moderate amounts of exercise.

English Bulldog

These breeds are loyal and lovable. They can also be quite lazy, as they love loafing around. English bulldogs only require a minimum amount of exercise and grooming. These breeds, however, don’t tolerate heat well, so it would be better to have an air conditioner.

dogs in an apartment


If you want a playful dog for your household, dachshunds would make a great choice. They can adapt well to any lifestyle and living space, even if you rent a small apartment. Dachshunds can be vulnerable to obesity, so they need regular exercise. They also bark quite a bit so you need to be careful if you have strict apartment complex.


These breeds are one of the most popular choices among apartment dwellers. They are highly affectionate and want to be with their owners wherever they are. Pugs are also fond of brisk city walks. They require a little grooming, as the folds in their mugs need regular maintenance.


While Maltese dogs have long fine fur, they only need a little upkeep. Their fur is not prone to shedding so you can keep their attractive looks without regular grooming. They are also quiet and highly affectionate, making an ideal pet for any apartment.

Other ideal breeds include Yorkshire Terriers, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Chihuahuas, and Greyhounds. Check with your apartment manager or rental community to confirm the acceptance of dogs. Make sure to provide appropriate care for your pets to ensure long-term companionship.