Before the Move: 3 Simple Tips to Prepare You for Downsizing

Happy Couple Carrying BoxesThere’s a reason many people fear downsizing, avoiding it altogether despite its known benefits. Some Aussies, especially those who are older adults and couples, are uneasy thinking about making friends in a new neighbourhood, while others are afraid that the new living arrangement might not work for them.

All these anxieties boil down to a single issue: fear of the unknown. What’s good about the fear of the unknown is, it can easily be dispelled by… none other than knowledge.

The key to battling the fear of downsizing is to plan. Here are ways to prepare for the move:

1. Know your lifestyle needs

Your present lifestyle dictates almost everything in this transition: the property you’re getting, location and size of the house, the stuff you’re bringing into this new chapter of your life, etc.

If you think you’re more on the on-the-go lifestyle, then getting an apartment in the city might be a good idea. But if you’re more on the laid-back side, then the peace and quiet of the suburbs will suit you. There are Burnsidehouse and land property experts like Modeina who offer which are essentially close-knit local communities. So if you’re the type to throw barbecue parties in backyards, you can do that well in these neighbourhoods.

2. Decide which stuff goes

This is important not just in the practical sense of reducing stuff in your home, but also in the emotional aspect. A lot of people’s anxieties when downsizing is saying goodbye to some things in their life. The anxiety becomes stronger when you don’t confront your emotions head on. That’s why it’s important to really have a sit-down, say, with your partner, about the things you’ll bring and let go.

It doesn’t have to be dramatic as well. In fact, you can throw a party of some sorts, giving away the items you no longer need to friends and relatives. This way, you know your stuff is in good hands.

3. Find out the costs

A large part of your transition is handling money matters. And if it doesn’t go well, it can throw you off easily from your goal to move. So it’s important to consider all expenses, including home insurance, new furniture, self-storage areas, etc.

Yes, downsizing can be intimidating, but the key is to plan. Keep these things in mind as you prepare for the move.