Basic Fireplace Stuff: Types and Materials

fireplace materialHaving a fireplace in your living room is a great thing, especially on cold winter nights or during family get-togethers. The warmth of a fire and the aroma of burning wood makes you feel cozy and comfortable.

You can also spend memorable evenings with your family and loved ones in front of a fire. A well-designed and chosen fireplace can not only add to the homely ambience of your living room, but it can also boost the value of your home.

Here are some tips that can help you choose a good design for a fireplace:

Consider the kind of fireplace you want. says that the Utah fireplace scene, two of the most popular options are gas and wood fireplaces, while a third is an electric fireplace, which is becoming increasingly popular especially in post-modernist homes. Fireplaces designed for burning wood require the installation of a chimney as well, but this is the more luxurious option, as in a cabin.

Some buyers can instead go for a pre-fabricated unit. You just need to install it in your living room, and these ones are usually electric or gas.

Consider the material with which you want your fireplace built. Fireplaces can consist of a range of materials, including stones (limestone, slate, marble, etc.) and bricks. A recent option preferred by many homeowners is to use stone veneers to build fireplaces.

Finally, budget. The cost of installing a fireplace will vary depending upon your choice of design and material. The size of the fireplace also affects the total costs you will have to pay. Before anything, determine your budget for this kind of accoutrement to avoid paying more than what you intended.

There are no hard and fast rules on buying fireplaces or installing them. The primary consideration should always be what you can use, and how you can fit it in your home. Everything else, including budget, is secondary.

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