Bases: The Foundations of Flavor

European-style BasesFlavor is one of the components that can enhance a dish, no matter if it was cooked at a fine dining restaurant or at home. When love cooking and cuisine, you yourself can learn how to use flavor to your advantage. Your family dinners, parties, and social activities may probably be more enjoyable when the food is delectable.

Groundworks of Flavor

One of the ways you can control the flavor of your dishes is by manipulating the base. Food bases or flavor bases are the foundations of the taste of your chicken or meat, for example. You can recreate common bases in your kitchen, or you can also start with ready-made bases. More than just adding flavor to dishes, bases can also enhance your soups, stews, and sauces.

Commercially Available

When you use commercial bases, you can choose from a wide array of bases. There are numerous bases such as chicken base, beef base, pork base, and even seafood base. Some base manufacturers have even made bases which cater to specific health needs such as bases that are all natural, low sodium, vegan, and other variations. There are also vegetable bases that include mushroom and mirepoix.

Inside Bases

Bases have several components to them depending on the cuisine you are aiming for. Basically, bases have aromatic vegetables, sometimes some meat, and perhaps a bit of fat. You can create European-style bases by combining around four vegetables, herbs, and a little meat. For Asian-style, you can simply add ground spices with the aromatic vegetables.

Create Your Own

For creating your own bases, you can follow two basic guidelines. First, you can start with the aromatic ingredients that take time to cook like onions, leeks, and carrots. You can sauté them to squeeze out the flavor. Once they are cooked, you can then add fast burning ingredients such as garlic, ginger, or paprika. With the base done, you can now add the other ingredients of your dish.

Understanding bases can change the way your cooking tastes like. With great taste, your family and friends will surely love your dishes.