Barking Down the Aisle: The Union Between Weddings and Pets

Wedding Venue in KentThere is no weirder way to ruin a wedding than having a ring bearer bearing a sign that says ‘I loved her first’ – unless the ring bearer sheds, walks on all fours and loves to play fetch.

The Best Man’s Best Friend

Like inviting a drunken relative or deciding that RSVPs are merely suggestions, abolishing the ‘no pets allowed’ guideline is as big a leap of faith as, well, marriage itself. The only difference is, no amount of scenario planning or speed of police response can guarantee that a couple’s most detailed, controlled and organised day would end without Buddy walking all over the satin.

People can spend ages listing the risks of inviting animals to a wedding, let alone giving them responsibility for a crucial segment of the entire affair. But, this is not stopping couples (read: brides) from appending the list of things to worry about on their special day.

A New Breed of Weddings

Wedding venue organisers from Kent explain the betrothed’s reasoning in two ways. First, they say that letting animals attend the ceremony is a statement of endearment and openness — that no metric other than affection defines family. After all, the bride and groom are likely the only ones who can bend the rules for one day. If guests are waiting for a chance to bring their terrier as a +1, they may have to wait for a long time.

Second, they mention how bringing pets to a wedding adds a new layer of distinction to the event. Indeed, a dog roaming around the manicured reception hall is an uncommon sight. Another thing to talk about. Another memorable experience waiting to happen. It is also a statement that a couple is not averse to breaking convention — a trait inherent to the youth, which they tend to carry into their relationships.

Weddings are anything the couple wants it to be. If realising the perfect wedding day involves letting their pet into the premises, no can object to the union taking place. Unless the dog barks or something.