Available Car Seat Options for Infants and Toddlers

Baby being harnessed on a car seatYour child’s safety is one of your highest parental responsibilities. Thousands of kids are injured or killed annually in car crashes and minor mishaps. One of the ways to ensure your child’s safety in the vehicle is by using a car seat.

Vacationing comes with loads of travel and in most cases a rental car. The most convenient option for your kid’s safety is to rent a seat from a child car seat rental company like Baby Borrow Rental. Experts recommend a rear-facing seat for children younger than two years old. Here are some options for your infant and toddler’s car seat.

Convertible Seats

These seats may be used as rear facing or forward facing for older kids. Convertible seats are bulkier compared to rear-facing-only ones since they have no separate bases and carrying handles. They have a weight limit of 40 to 50 pounds and higher height restriction. Convertible seats also come with a 5-point harness, which attaches to your child’s hips, shoulders and between his or her legs.

Rear-Facing-Only Seats

These are the recommended options for infants weighing between 22-40 pounds based on the model. A rear-facing-only seat comes with a base, which you can leave in the car, and a handle to ease its portability. The seat snaps into the base and out of it, negating the need to always install it before use.

3-in-1 Seats

These can be used as forward facing, belt-positioning booster and rear-facing seats. They are typically large, and you should check to ensure they fit your car in a rear-facing position before renting them. These seats have a separate base and carrying handle. They have a high height limit and a 40-50 pound weight limit.

Nothing will dampen your vacation mood faster than your baby’s injury. With these options, however, your child’s safety in the vehicle is guaranteed. You can now enjoy your travel without worrying about your child’s safety in the car.