Assisted Living and Memory Care Facility: Comfortable Living Space for Seniors

Comfortable Living Space for Seniors in UtahMoving our seniors to an assisted living community is one of the most difficult decisions. But, when someone sees that aging parents are beginning to get lonesome, weak, muddled and can’t take care of themselves, they often face the toughest decision. Some would decide to care for their aging parents at home with the help of caregiver, while others move them to seniors care facility.

It may be true that both options have its advantage and disadvantages. Nonetheless, an honest and open discussion among family members can make decision making easier — especially if the family member is suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

It is a wise and loving decision to consider a well-equipped senior care facility as a second home for aging loved ones. It is understandable that you want them to remain nearby, but moving them to a facility that caters to their needs might be best for them. 

Legacy Village of Provo provides the reasons senior care facilities might be a good option:

Security and Comfort 

Elders suffering from dementia requires 24-hour care and supervision to prevent them from residents from wandering and getting hurt. Most facilities for seniors feature beautifully decorated living spaces secured with a key code. This ensures residents maintain their privacy, security, and comfort.

Assistance for Daily Activities and Medical Needs

Some facilities have a nursing staff to assist elders in grooming, eating, and administering medication. Elders can even join entertainment and social programs to promote wellness and physical fitness. Residents with special needs may even receive therapy to enhance the quality of life.  

Housekeeping and Laundry Services

The great thing about moving seniors to these facilities is they have housekeeping and laundry services. They don'y have to worry about keeping their living spaces clean, as the facility's staff will take care of chores. 

Although some aging family members prefer staying at home and seeing their family as often as they want, senior care facilities provide safer and better living options for their needs.