Arborists: What They Do and What Services They Offer

All about Arborists in BromleyTrees, especially those used for ornamental purposes in private and public properties and spaces, need special care. Unlike typical flowers and plants you grow in your garden, ornamental trees require more tending. This is where arborists specialise in.

Arborists or tree surgeons, as other people call them, are specialists in the art and science of tree planting, care, and maintenance. They are also known as arboriculturist. Their job includes examining tree health, maintaining and improving shape, and treating trees with diseases. They may also attend to the needs of other shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants.

To have a better understanding of an arborist’s job, take a closer look at the most common services they offer.


There are many reasons pruning is necessary for trees. Arborists prune trees primarily to keep them healthy and promote growth. Also, pruning improves and maintains the appearance of landscape trees. It is also necessary for trees with branches that obstruct views, touch electric lines, and those that may pose a threat to the safety of people and integrity of a property.

In the case of fruit-bearing trees, pruning may help keep the tree healthy and improve the harvest.


Arborists offer services to maintain tree health and treat those that are affected by diseases or infected by pests. The most common services include deadwooding, crown reducing, and crown cleaning. Some of these services are often referred to as surgeries, which is the reason arborists are also known as tree surgeons.


According to tree surgeons in Bromley, another in-demand service is a tree and stump removal. They remove trees that are either dead or storm-damaged. These trees are considered dangerous, as their branches may fall onto passersby or onto a nearby property.

For tree stumps, arborists remove the dead base of the trees and dig out its roots.

It is always best to leave tree care and maintenance to the experts. Seek an arborist’s service if you want to prune a flowering tree in your garden or remove a storm-damaged one in your backyard. With expert hands, you’re sure your trees are well taken care of.