API 650 Tanks that Meet the Standards Set by the API

Storage TanksMany industries make use of and greatly rely on their API 650 tanks, “Welded Steel Tanks for Oil Storage," for a lot of their day to day operations and tasks. From gasoline to chemical to water, these tanks can safely store and contain various types of liquids, even hazardous substances.

This is why it is extremely important for you to choose a company specializing in the fabrication, construction, and erection of these tanks. A well-established company in the above ground storage tank industry will ensure that your investments will meet all the standards set by the American Petroleum Institute.

Your choice in an API tank depends on how you will use it

API has developed standards for different ASTs, and these have some level of variations depending on the specific type of tank. For instance, the 650 tanks, although they typically pertain to Welded Steel Tanks for Oil Storage, can also be utilized for storing chemical and water, as long as it abides by the API 650 standard.

An experienced storage tank solutions provider can fabricate and erect tanks for your company ranging in sizes from 8’ -0” diameter up to 100’ -0” or even larger.

Materials matter

The materials used in the construction of the tanks are also outlined in the API 650 Standard. One of the key reasons for ensuring they meet these rules is safety. ASTs receive an abundance of exposure to various elements, especially weather, and all these factors can result in faults in their welding, leaks, and other damages.

As long as you choose a 650 tank manufacturing company that makes use of top of the line materials, such as stainless steel and carbon steel, and that you adhere by all the API 650 standards, including inspection, maintenance, and repairs, you can get the most out of your tanks.