An Engagement Ring Doesn’t Always Have to be a Diamond

Engagement RingDiamonds are a common option in engagement rings. These precious stones have long been involved in a familiar engagement tradition, with men following a specific script and proposing on bended knee. Women think it’s romantic, but there is always the burden on guys who need to spend nearly two months of their salary just to buy a ring set with a diamond.

The good news is, there are other options that don’t cost much as the preferred stone. If you can hardly afford a diamond and you’re not concerned breaking the tradition, here are a few other choices.


Discovered in the late 1800s, moissanite is a type of crystal that naturally occurs in meteorites. While this is now produced in laboratories, it looks exactly like a diamond. Gemologists suggest that it is hard, scuff-resistant, and has better brilliance and fire. Experts like also note that moissanite engagement rings are difficult to distinguish from natural diamonds.

Sapphire and Other Gems

Other precious stones like sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are less expensive than diamonds. They also look classy and unique than the typical engagement ring. There is also the tanzanite, a tough gem that is rarer than diamond and cost much cheaper. If you, for instance, don’t like a colored stone, some jewelers also offer white sapphire. This can be rare, but more affordable than a blue one.

Man-made Diamonds

Many consider man-made diamonds as fake stones. This is incorrect as such stones are both physically and chemically identical to original ones. Marketing and sentiment just come with a higher price tag. It is also good to know that cultured diamonds have less negative effect on Mother Earth. Man-made gems look good too, and can be 80% to 90% cheaper than natural stones.

It's always better to spend on something less expensive than pouring all your savings in one stone. You can buy an inexpensive ring and save more money for the wedding, a house, or an all-expenses-paid trip to your preferred honeymoon destination.