All in 2016: Best Websites to Check Out

Web Design Services in DenverWhether you’re bored or procrastinating, spending your time online is one of the best things you could do. But of course, you have to make sure that you’d spend it only on the best websites. shares some of the websites worth checking out.

1. Upvoted

Only the best the web offers.

Notable developers in Denver will tell you it’s a great site because it lets you get only the best content from the internet. Upvoted was born to make sure that those who don’t lurk around Reddit too much would still get to read interesting content—without having to browse all of Reddit! Now, that’ll definitely save you time and effort!

2. Notey

Personal thoughts – all in one site.

Seriously: who has time to subscribe to every single blog around? Well, if you can relate to that statement, you would surely appreciate Notey – a website that curates the best stories from your country’s best blogs. You’ll know what’s going on, and feel closer to your people, too. This way, it would be easy to keep track of everything.

3. All Day

Ah, you would love to spend all day with this.

All Day has a vast collection of entertaining and informative articles – such as photos of countries’ borders, the history of conjugal visits, historical heartthrobs – and everything that has the tendency, or have once been, viral. It’s a great website to spend your time on because you’d come out smarter and well-informed after.

4. Bored Button

Time to end your boredom.

By visiting the Bored Button, you’d see a page with the, err, “bored button” on it. Now, what you have to do is click the button—and once you do, you would be treated to incredible magic tricks, games – or websites that could also cure your boredom.

5. The Hustle

Okay, keep that song out of your head.

And of course, to help you catch up with what’s going on each day, just visit The Hustle – they curate the most interesting stories each day for you.

Keep your boredom out of place and have fun with these interesting, entertaining websites.