Advantages of the Fiberglass Pool over Other Pool Types

cool swimming poolThere is always an overwhelming urge to go swimming every now and then. For some, though, a trip to the beach is not possible every weekend, so what better way to enjoy almost the same thing than by having a swimming pool in your backyard? There are several options if you are planning to get a swimming pool installed in your yard. The most popular, however, are fiberglass and concrete pools.

Both pools will look great in your backyard. While you can turn a concrete pool into a work of art, fiberglass pools offer many practical benefits. Here’s a look at some of them:

Low Maintenance

Fiberglass pools require less maintenance than their concrete counterparts. This is because the surface of a fiberglass pool is smooth and nonporous, which stalls the growth of algae. As a result, you will only have to use lower amounts of sanitizing agents.

The surfaces of other pool types, especially concrete ones, are porous and rough. This encourages algae growth. Concrete pools also tend to make the water more alkaline, which then requires the use of more acid to maintain pH balance.

Speed of Installation

If you choose to install the fiberglass pool, you can have it done in 2 days. This is because the pool shell is prefabricated. On the other hand, with a concrete pool, you will have to wait at least 2-4 months for the pool to be constructed in your yard. Moreover, fiberglass pools are more reasonably priced than other pool types.


Fiberglass pools are durable. There is no need to replace a liner every couple of months. With other types of pools, you should expect repairs regularly, projects that do not exactly come at reasonable rates.

Fiberglass pools are easy to repair. The surface is non-abrasive, which makes them safe for kids. It requires less electricity (for draining) and chemical cleaners.

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