A Skilled Divorce Lawyer Improves the Financial Burden of Alimony

Divorce LawyerThe subject of alimony will almost always surface whenever the talk of divorce comes up. Divorce proceedings can be a painful experience for everyone involved. For the person paying alimony, it can be especially stressful because of the financial burden involved.

To ensure that you do not have to carry the financial burden of alimony for the rest of your life, hire a skilled divorce lawyer in Long Island. This way, you can get better terms for your alimony payments.

Here is what you should know about alimony:

The Wealthier Spouse Pays the Alimony

The prevailing knowledge is that men are always the ones who pay the alimony. This is incorrect, as the alimony law in the U.S. mandates that the spouse with the higher earning capacity pays.

According to HG.org, this is so both spouses maintain a standard of living similar to what they enjoyed during the marriage. With regards to the amount of alimony and its duration, the decision will be made in accordance with state laws.

Alimony Can be Agreed Upon

If both spouses come to an agreement about the amount of alimony and its duration, the court will not interfere. Should the spouses fail to reach an agreement,  the courts will be in charge of laying down the terms.

A skilled divorce attorney can help you convince the court as to why you should be the one receiving alimony. They will decide based on the financial situation of both parties.

Factors That Contribute to the Court’s Decision

The courts will consider issues like the length of marriage and the ability of a spouse to pay. They will likewise consider the length of time the supported spouse needs to reach economic self-sufficiency. The parent who has custody of the children is more likely to receive alimony payments.

Alimony, however, is not permanent — it can be terminated if the receiving spouse remarries or makes no effort to be self-sufficient.

Alimony is an intricate proceeding that will require the help of an experienced lawyer. Understand all the terms to avoid the financial burden of paying a spouse.