A Quick Look at the UK’s Oral Health

Dental HealthEven white teeth were not always a matter of concern in the UK. Few people felt self-conscious when they had less than perfect smiles. A nice smile, however, is not just about looking great. Dentists always point out that dental health has a big impact on overall health.

Teeth and Gums

While teeth are what people notice first, PS Dental Care says the gums are important for the health too. Bacteria from the gums may have bad effects on:

  • Pregnancy
  • Dementia
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Heart disease

The thing is, the teeth have a great impact on gum health, so it is important to keep your teeth healthy. A number of studies have shown that brushing your teeth and using floss regularly can make a big difference.

Surprising Numbers

Many people in the UK do not take proper care of their teeth and gums. Ten percent of adults fail to brush their teeth every day, and only 21% use floss. Thanks to regular efforts of the government to encourage people to take care of their dental health, 65% of people in the country now visit their dentists at least once a year.

That means, however, that 35% of them still do not. Children are also a concern. One in three children below 12 years old in the UK has obvious signs of tooth decay, and that rises to nearly half (46%) of children up to 15 years old. While there is an improvement, many kids still need help with their teeth.

Preventative Care

The best way to have good dental health is to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing, and regular visits to the dentist should be on everyone’s program. The cost of dental services is nothing compared to the costs of managing serious health problems down the road.

Dental health is important for overall health. You have to do your part by developing good dental hygiene habits. The right can help you prevent serious health problems by keeping your teeth and gums healthy.