A Day for the Dads

Father and SonIt's not too often that fathers get the recognition they deserve, and it's important that you let your father and father figures know how much you appreciate them, even in the simplest of ways.

An Unexpected Gesture

Dads never expect anything, which is what's so great about them. You could literally give them a cheesy '#1 Dad' mug with their favourite coffee in it and they'll feel like all the money they spent on you was worth it. Which is why a little cash and a lot of thought is all you need to make their day special, no need for the big bucks!

There are a lot of ways to show your father you appreciate him, try surprising him with any of his favorite things or things he really needs; this could be the best apple pie he's tasted, a shirt from his university back in college, that missing gear he couldn't find to fix his old bike, or get a few old photos of you with him and have them enlarged and framed. If you have children, you could ask them to help you make handcrafted presents. Dads and granddads would definitely appreciate them!

Some Much Needed Quality Time

Whether you're in school or working, chances are you're busy most of the time, which means less time with your dad. It's important that you allot even just a few hours on Father's Day to show him that you've specifically cleared your schedule just to be with him. That in itself is the perfect gift, but, of course, an activity might be a good idea as well.

This might be a great time to recall some of your favourite things to do with your dad as a child, maybe go out fishing, or watch the game and buy some AFL West Coast Eagles tickets, or maybe take him out golfing? It would be nice to give him something extra special to remember, get him out of that couch and take him somewhere he hasn't been to in a long time or some place he's been longing to go but always had an excuse not to.

Remember, it doesn't have to be far, anything out of his usual routine would do the trick. And it'll show him that you put some extra thought and effort into making him smile today. But if you're having trouble thinking of ideas of your own, then check out Ask Men's advice on How to Spend Father's Day with your old man, you can be sure they know what they're talking about.

Overall, it doesn't matter how you choose to spend your Father's Day, or how much you spend either. Give him a hug and a kiss and tell him how much you love him and he'll probably shed a tear and lie that there's something in his eye. Dads are great, so make this day count.