5 Ways in 5 Days: Unwind During the Workweek

Woman getting a massageStress from work bringing you down? Fret not because you don’t need to wait for the weekend to lift your spirits up. From Monday to Friday, here are five easy ways you can de-stress from your busy week.

Monday is Spa Day

Mondays sets the tone for the rest of the week. You might start the day busy and stressed, but it doesn’t have to end the same way. A quick trip to Korean spas and saunas can take a bit of the steam out – pun intended. You’ll walk out feeling renewed and ready to take on the next days ahead.

Tuesday is for art lovers

Right in the thick of the work week is the best time to relieve yourself of stress and imbibe some good vibrations. A good way to do this is by pursuing your creative interests. Studies have proven that creative work reduces the amount of the stress hormone, cortisol, in the body.

Wordsmith Wednesdays

The hump day means you’re halfway there! Take your mind off work and relax by immersing yourself in a good book right before you go to bed. Research from the University of Sussex has shown that reading is even better at reducing stress levels than listening to music or going out for a walk.

Treat Yourself Thursdays

Give yourself a much-needed pampering from making it this far into the week. Run a warm bath with Epsom salt and relax as your worries melt away. Epsom salt has numerous health benefits – from soothing sore muscles to reducing bloat.

Have a glass of your favorite wine and play calming sounds in the background while you’re at it. Go on, you deserve it.

Friday is Freedom

No work tomorrow means you can loosen up for the night. Enjoy a fancy dinner at your favorite restaurant; watch that much-awaited movie at the cinemas or maybe just chill-out with friends over drinks at a local bar.

End the work week with a bang and welcome the weekend in a positive mood. Cheers!

You cannot run away from stress, but by taking care of yourself, you can mitigate its negative effects and enjoy life as it happens.