5 Ways Churches Can Prepare for Christmas

A Christmas tree in the nightIt can be argued that the holidays are among the busiest times of the year, especially for the church. This is usually when families can get together to watch Christmas events and hear mass in the church. Below are solutions churches can do to prepare for the influx of people during their holiday events.

Organize a Christmas production

Christmas productions are almost a tradition in a lot of places. While there is a desire to make the production available for everyone’s viewing, sometimes, logistical limitations just does not allow that. Thankfully, platforms such as Brushfire make it is possible for an online event registration to help assign seats.

Prepare a brochure for your events

It will be a big help if everyone knows the schedule of activities the church will organize. Prepare brochures and pamphlets of the lineup of events as early as September so that it will be easy to disseminate.

Do a feeding program for the homeless

Christmas is a good time to give back to the marginalized. Invite people to donate food and help out in a feeding program. This is so that the homeless will be able to feel the spirit of Christmas as well.

Reach more people on social media

Social media would be of great assistance in reaching more people to invite them to church events and productions in the coming holiday season.

Do a live stream of the Christmas Day mass

Technology has revolutionized how people celebrate Christmas. A good idea would be to live stream the Christmas Day mass on an available platform so everyone can participate even without having to be there physically.

Christmas only happens once a year, so it is very important that churches be well-prepared for whatever will transpire during the holidays. Otherwise, a lot of people may be let down.