5 Signs You Got Water Heater Issues that Need Prompt Fixing

toolsIce-cold water, insufficient heating, discolored water, leaks, and foul odors are five of the most common problems with water heaters.

  1. Ice-cold water

Having no hot water is an indication that the heater is not working. Check the dial or the thermostat: they may have been set to cool. For electric heaters, make sure they are plugged in properly. When none of these work, contact your local water heater repair service right away, and don’t attempt to fiddle with the unit’s components yourself.

  1. Insufficient heating

Insufficient hot water is another sign that something is wrong with the heater. A number of things, such as sediment build up or a faulty thermostat causes this issue. A licensed plumber can figure out the source of the problem and fix it promptly, allowing you to once again, enjoy a relaxing hot bath.

  1. Discolored water

Discolored water is often a sign that the interior components of your water heater are already rusty. It may also be an indication that replacement of the anode rod is in order. In both cases, hiring a plumber is your best, quickest resolution.

  1. Leaks in the heater

Repair the leaking water heater immediately, as this poses health and safety hazards. Attempting to fix it on your own can put you in the danger of electrocution or burns. Leaving them be will just make things worse, pushing your water and heating bills higher than necessary.

  1. Foul odor

Do you smell something foul coming from the water heater? This is most likely caused by bacteria. These microorganisms can cause health problems, such as the deadly Legionnaire’s disease.

Stop using the heater in the meantime, and call a licensed plumber right away to clean, sanitize, and disinfect your water heater. Sandy, Utah has many repair service providers.

Problems with the water heater can cost a lot of money, especially when not taken care of immediately. To prevent unnecessary expenses, get them fixed by a professional as soon as possible.