5 Must-do’s for a Stress-Free Camping with Kids

Happy CampersCamping is one popular recreational activity that Australian families like to spend their time on during their breaks, and for good reason. There is no equal to spending days and nights in the midst of lush greens and enthralling landscapes, enjoying solitude and serenity. Plus, there is the fun and magic in campfires that never fail to bring joy and warmth to children all the time.

Camping, though, has now evolved into different styles and techniques. Depending on your personal preferences, you can plan for a camping adventure according to how you want it. This is especially helpful when you have small children with you.

Here are some tips how to make family camping more convenient:

1. Research – Get as many choices on campsites and read as much information on what each of them offers in terms of accommodations, facilities and amenities. Some sites do not have a power supply and toilets which can be very difficult when you have small children with you. Places with playgrounds are plus points to keep children from being bored when you plan to stay for a longer period. One good source of information would be the National Park authority in your state.

2. Narrow your choice of campsites according to what facilities you need – There is no pressure to go rough just to fulfill your camping experience, if this is not your preference. The comfort of your children should be of utmost consideration. This isn’t a hard thing to decide on these days with the availability of affordable caravans that offer a wide range of accommodations that will suit your budget, from the most basic to the highly luxurious en suite cabins but still giving you the feel of a camping adventure. If your family goes camping every spare time there is on your hands and you have more cash to spare, get your own among the many offers up for caravan park for sale Victoria residents recommend. The fun will be endless.

3. Know what to pack – Make a checklist of all necessary things to pack. Avoid the anxiety of discovering you left essentials at home. Bring the right clothes for the weather you are in. Allow your children to bring some toys as long as there are not too much.

4. Test your gear – While still in the comfort of your home, try out your gear. Don’t wait to be in the actual campsite before you read instructions on equipment you’ll be bringing with you. Practice tent set-up. Check how the stove operates. Does the light work?

5. Let the kids participateLetting the kids be part of the activity will make them feel more involved; hence, giving them a sense of achievement once it’s done. During planning, older children can express what they want to do, and at the camp site, everyone can help from the handing out tent pegs to cooking.

These tips are meant to guide you how to have a more fun and convenient camping time with your kids, but along with serious planning, you also have to be flexible enough to accept that not everything will go perfect no matter how much you want it to be. Remember, you’re supposed to have fun with the family. As long as the family goes home safe and immensely happy from the activity, it is one big success.

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