5 Most Common Types of Neck Pain

Young woman having pain in the back and neckAlthough it’s felt in the neck, neck pain can have numerous causes and types. If you have pain trouble, your cervical spine specialist will need to address the pain depending on its type.

Texasdiscreplacement.com outlines five of the most common types of neck pain:

1. Headaches

Neck trouble often causes headaches that sometimes last for months. These headaches are often due to muscle tightness and spasm. Usually, a neck-related headache presents as a dull or aching pain at the back of the head. A stiff or tender upper neck may also accompany the pain. Moving the neck makes this pain worse.

2. Muscle spasm

Neck pain can present as a sudden tightening of the cervical spine muscles. Although the causes of muscle spasms are often unclear, muscle injury, spinal disc problems, and nerve issues are often responsible. Emotional stress may also cause a painful, knotted, stiff neck.

3. Muscle pain

Overexertion, prolonged physical stress, or extended emotional stress can leave you with painful or sore shoulder and neck muscles. Your neck muscles may then develop hard knots that elicit discomfort when touched.

4. Cervical facet joint pain

The facet joints are connections that allow bending and twisting. An injury to the cervical facet joint can lead to deep, sharp neck pain. The pain may worsen if you try to move your head. The discomfort may also extend to the shoulders or upper back.

5. Pinched nerve pain

You may experience a sharp, fleeting, or severe pain in the neck if you have irritated, pinched, or compressed cervical spinal nerves. A “pins and needles” sensation may also accompany the pain. The discomfort depends on the specific nerve involved.

With about 70 percent of people experiencing it at some point, neck pain is a prevalent complaint. However, this pain troubles individuals in different ways. The manifestation of the pain depends on its cause and transmitting structure.