5 Cladding Qualities That Make It Ideal for Your Home

wall claddingThere are many good reasons the Australian Government recommends homeowners to install external wall cladding systems on their property. Apart from the obvious benefit of serving as a layer of protection, cladding, when installed properly, also possesses great qualities that make them a must-have for homeowners.

Industry professional Peter Bracey shares why external wall cladding systems are worth installing in any property.

  1. Better Control Over Noise

While the degree of sound wave absorption depends on the cladding material, all of them offer better control over noise. The result is less noise pollution inside your home, thanks to the cladding’s sound insulation properties.

  1. Increased Level of Control Over Temperature

Walls that have an additional layer of protection can block a considerable amount of heat from the sun, the chilliness of rain and wind, and the coldness of snow. Basically, they provide a shield for your home’s façade, serving as a thermal insulation-booster.

  1. Impressive Wear- and Weather-Resistance

High quality wall cladding systems are made with materials that offer enhanced protection from the numerous harsh environmental elements. The level of wear- and weather-resistance of the system varies on the materials used in its construction. As long as the wall cladding system is sturdy, however, you can expect it to have a long life span.

  1. Moisture-Eliminating and Breathable

Wall claddings allow for breathability inside walls, which removes any surface moisture rather than trap it inside. This then minimises the risk of excess dampness in your home, which is a leading cause of mould and mildew growth.

  1. Aesthetically-Pleasing

With the availability of external wall cladding materials in a wide array of colours, styles and designs, you are sure to find and install one that will best suit your needs, personal preference and current home theme.

With the combined functionality and beauty of high quality external wall cladding, you can maximise your home’s comfort and overall value.