4 Ways to Get a Rustic Buffet Display

Buffet tableWhether it is for a wedding, a bridal shower or a simple get together with friends, a rustic buffet will always be an inviting spread for many. You can brainstorm this idea with a catering equipment supplier who can help you set up a rugged country display that will give that homely feeling to all your guests.

Rustic designs are taken from the textures and colours of nature. Rough browns, dirty whites and bland yellows are good examples. It likewise uses wood, wrought iron and cast iron design materials, especially for food displays. Below are a few ideas to start your rustic table spread.

1. Wooden Stumps or Red Bricks

These can make good hot pads on a long table, or a nature-inspired cake stand. You can spread out wooden stumps with different heights for separate salad ingredients.

2. Candles, Candles and More Candles

The soft yellow glow of a candle can always warm up any event. Use tall, white candles around the buffet table and tea lights on each dining table. You can carve a small hole in a soft tree stump, or an upside-down wine glass as tealight candle holders.

3. String Lights and Paper Lanterns

When put against the wall of your buffet or along the outline of your table, small yellow string lights can bring out the warm festive feel. Attach sphere paper lanterns to larger string lights and use that as your overhead lighting.

4. Pine Cones, Berries, Vines and Flowers

You can never have too much of these on a rustic table spread. Have small wooden bowls of berries along the buffet table. Scatter pine cones or acorns with vines as table lining. Arrange bowls of assorted small flowers for dining table centrepieces.

All these will put everyone in a laid-back atmosphere. Mix it up with wine, cheese and good music and your buffet will be the most talked-about event of the year.