4 Things You Must Know About Child Support

Child Support in TownsvillePaying child support is oftentimes necessary especially if the other parent has full custody over your children. The court will decide how much child support payment you are obligated to make per month. Here are some things you should know about child support payment.

The Amount can Change

Child support amount may change over time. If you are having financial difficulty, you can file for it to be lessened so long as you can prove it to the court using documents. Commonly, this is done if you become unemployed or have a serious disability. On the other hand, your ex can also request for the amount to increase if your monthly income gets a significant spike.

There are Major Consequences for Not Paying

Failing to give the amount set by the court will lead to major consequences. Connollysuthers explains that apart from criminal penalty, the court can also suspend your driving privileges, block your lottery winnings (if any), cancel your passport or deduct your tax refund. You may need to hire a lawyer specialising in family law in QLD to counter these actions.

Spending More Time with Your Kids is Advantageous

In many locations, the court calculates the amount of child support based on the time each co-parent devotes for their children. That’s why the amount you need to pay may decrease significantly if you have more visitation or custody rights.

It Will Not Last Forever

Your monthly payments will one day come to an end. Generally, child support only lasts until your child becomes 18 years of age. However, some co-parents agree to have child support until their child finishes college. You can dispute this if the child is underperforming in school, or you can decide to split the costs of going to college.

Remember these things when you’re in the process of child support agreements. Know that nothing is set in stone because you can always dispute it.