4 Simple Changes That Will Totally Makeover Your Home

Big Home MakeoverEven the smallest changes can make your home look like a new and completely different home. Decorators don’t really rebuild and drastically change homes when they remodel or makeover houses, they only play up the accents and consider house cladding options.

Here are four tricks that your decorators won’t tell you that will completely change the way your house looks.

Play With Colour

You don’t even need to repaint the whole house, you just need to play up parts of it. When we say play with colour, it means letting features pop with the use of bold colours and adventurous accents. Even a splash of colour on your door will surely change the way your whole home looks.

Check your House Cladding Options

House cladding allows you to remodel your home without really rebuilding it. It only takes skilful placement of new material on your walls or windows by your friendly neighbourhood home cladding services to make your home look brand new.

The best part of it is that it’s not only for style but it also helps in durability and weatherproofing your home. From aluminium, to vinyl and bricks, house cladding options are endless, says peterbracey.com.au.


One inexpensive but unique piece in the garden can change the way your whole home looks. A carefully placed statement piece, such as a colourful bird or a tasteful pot or vase, can transform your whole garden and home.

The same goes for your living room and the rest of your home. Carefully pick out a well-designed piece that contrasts well to the rest of your home and it will give your place a fresh makeover.

Move Your Furniture Around

One final trick that you can do is to move your furniture around to maximise the space and change the way traffic flows into your room. Change where the key pieces are for a fresh approach to a remodelling.

A home makeover does not need to be expensive and drastic. The key is to find small but key changes that will give the impression of creativity.

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