4 Mistakes Parents Commit When Their Child’s Under Arrest

Child's under arrestThe last thing you want to see is the authorities in your doorstep, pressing charges against your child. It happens in real life, unfortunately. If your child is facing charges, there are smart ways of dealing with the arrest. For starters, avoid doing these things:

Closing Your Home

Closing your home against the authorities worsens your child’s situation. It may give the authorities reason to beat up and arrest your child. Noll Law Office agrees that in some cases, police officers beat suspects on claims that they are resisting arrest. Surrender your child to the authorities without a struggle. Make sure that a family member or lawyer accompanies your child during the arrest to keep the police from harming him or her. Tell your child you’re doing everything to fix the predicament.

Making Excuses

Never make alibis for your child. You may be doing it as a way to protect your child, but the authority views it as helping a suspect evade due process of law. Apart from your child’s arrest, you may have to deal with obstruction of justice charges. Misleading the court with false information may give authorities an excuse to tie you with a perjury case, especially if you’re under oath to tell the truth.

Contact a lawyer to negotiate and reduce the punishment if your child is guilty. Courts may allow them depending on the gravity of the crime.

Playing Lawyer

Interrogations can be a traumatic ordeal for children. But, parents playing lawyer won’t help their case, either. You may mention things that may worsen your child’s case. Let the lawyers talk during the interrogation to keep it from happening.

Leaving Everything to the Lawyers

Lawyers can’t do their job properly if you just leave everything to them without enough ammunition. Give as much information to the lawyer to strengthen your child’s defense. Gather and present evidence that will prove your child’s innocence of the crime.

Take note that these tips don’t guarantee that your child will win the case. Hiring a lawyer is still the best way to improve the outcome of your child’s arrest.

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