4 Critical Facts You Need to Know about Pain

Fact About Pain in SydneySo many myths surround pain that a lot of people get confused as to which are true from those that are just rumours. However, it is critical for you to distinguish the truth from the falsities as knowing the reality can help you better manage your pain condition and even avoid aggravating it.

So here are four of the most important facts you should know about this highly unpleasant, often debilitating sensation shared by sydneyphysiotherapist.com.au.

  1. Weather has an effect on pain.

Sometimes, you may feel pain worsen during cold, chilly, or rainy days. This is simply because of the fact that weather, temperature, and climate really do have an impact on pain. Barometric pressure alterations can cause increase in pain, especially in people suffering from arthritis.

  1. Long bed rests will not do your back pain a lot of good.

A lot of people believe that resting for long periods of time, several days even, will help them get rid of back pain. This is not true. You can take a short rest for this condition, but after this, you should get going again. Remaining active is one of the best ways to recondition your ligaments, tendons, muscles, and bones.

  1. Being overweight can increase the pain you experience.

When you are overweight or obese, you are at greater risk of suffering from even more pain. You should try losing weight naturally and safely, as this will put less pressure on your body.

  1. Women are better at handling pain.

Not to be sexist or anything, but the female gender really do have a higher pain threshold than men. One proof is childbirth and scientific studies evidence this claim. The male and the female genders have varying pain tolerance strategies, but in the end, women tend to do better when it comes to handling pain.

Aside from the four mentioned facts, you should know that physiotherapy can really help with pain control. Physiotherapists are experts when it comes to pain. They can assess and diagnose whatever your pain condition is, and develop an appropriate program designed to control, manage, even get rid of the pain completely. So when you need help in managing your pain condition, seek a Sydney physio clinic as soon as possible.