4 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel This Winter

two person wamring their feetAlmost everybody is getting into the Christmas spirit by now, what with less than a month before the 25th. Have you put up your Christmas decorations already?

If you’re still thinking how to decorate your fireplace mantel, you actually have a lot of options. Here are a few ways to design them for the upcoming cold season:

Keep it looking vintage

If you are a fan of vintage decorations, then you will love this one. Start by putting up a semi-large vintage chalkboard by your antique fireplace mantel, then write your favorite Christmas or winter quotes on it. You can add different accents such as old books, vintage statues, and faux succulents.

All white

If you want your fireplace mantel to match the winter season, then go ahead and design it with a palette of creamy whites and icy blues. You can add a bit of a European accent by adding more wood tones such as browns to make it more interesting and exquisite. You can then add some fuzzy cotton stems or pinecones to keep that winter vibe going.

Neutral elements

Warm up the feel and look of your house by adding neutral colors and elements to your fireplace mantel. One way to do such is by covering your glass vases with extra fabric from old sweaters. You can also add an antique vibe by implementing rustic decor pieces such as antlers for a more holiday vibe.

The good old wreath

The wreath simply emulates Christmas and winter. Hang a piece of a wreath on your fireplace mantel, and add a bit of accent by putting scones, Christmas ornaments, bells, and little signages around it.

You can even put some of the gifts that you’ve already bought for your loved ones atop your fireplace mantel. Happy decorating and have a very merry Christmas!