4 Awesome Gift Ideas for the Geeky Man in Your Life

Gift for Geeky DadsGeeky guys are awesome. They are updated with the latest tech gadgets, video games, sci-fi movies, and Internet memes. If you have a techie dad, you’re often the source of envy among your friends as you have access to the best game consoles and gadgets. If your boyfriend is a proud nerd, you’ll have fun dates at home playing video games and watching Star Wars all day. So on his special day, shower him with your love by surprising him with a techie or dorky gift.

Here are some awesome gift ideas for the geeky man in your life:

Retro TV Games + FIFA 16

With this Retro TV Games Controller, your guy can plug-and-play back to his fun childhood. From puzzles to car chase games, this controller includes about 200 classic video games. Surprise him with the latest FIFA 16 from the IT Factory. Have a quick celebration on his special day, then spend the rest of the day playing both classic and modern video games.

“I am Your Father” Star Wars Vader T-shirt

If your dad is a huge Star Wars fan, add something to his collectibles. Surprise him with this shirt and, for sure, he will proudly wear it the whole day.

USB Mini Fridge

This portable mini fridge is perfect for your nerdy husband’s office table. He can simply plug it into his computer, put his favorite canned beverage inside, and enjoy the rest of the day with an ice cold drink.

BookBook for iPhone

Handmade with authentic leather, this iPhone case with a unique book design is a perfect gift for your geeky brother or boyfriend who loves books. More than holding his iPhone, this case has slots for his cards, IDs, and cash.
Spare your geeky man from boring and cliché gifts, such as neckties and mugs. Instead, give him one of these gifts and celebrate his birth, life, or achievements – as well as his geekiness – on his special day.