3 Ways to Protect Yourself Against False Accusations

Lawyer talking to a womanIf you’ve been falsely accused of a serious crime, it can be a devastating and costly experience. Although the justice system guarantees that citizens will not be falsely convicted, false accusations are becoming more common.

The first step you need to take is to secure the services of a defense attorney in Kent. You can also take these steps when you have been accused wrongly:

Do not try to explain yourself to the police

Your defense lawyer will most likely instruct you not to give statements to the police. This is because attorneys know that sharing your side of the story to the authorities can be detrimental to your case as a defendant.

The police can make you feel comfortable enough and encourage you to speak, but remember that their goal is to collect as much information as they can, which can be used against you in court. If they’re trying to convince you to speak up, resist the offer and say that you need to consult a lawyer first.

Document everything related to the case

Keeping a paper trail of the actions and conversations related to the case is crucial, as there may be something in the documents that can acquit the accused. Start with tape-recording telephone conversations between you and the other people involved in the case, and keep a detailed documentation of all the important information that can have an impact on the case.

Hire the services of an attorney

Proving your innocence is not an easy undertaking, but it will be more beneficial if you hire a lawyer who will defend you in court. Do not make the mistake of other innocent defendants who choose not to work with an attorney because they believe their innocence will be proven naturally through investigation.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trust the justice system, but in this type of situation, it will be safer to recognize that the system has faults. You can fall victim to planted evidence or encounter a prosecutor who will make you appear guilty.

Contrary to what many people believe, hiring a defense attorney does not make you look guilty. The decision to hire a lawyer early in the investigation has nothing to do with innocence, but has more to do with mitigating risks and improving your chance of being proven innocent.

If you possess evidence that can prove your innocence, gather them and bring them to your attorney. Do this after you have been accused and before a search warrant is issued.