3 Types of Recycled Glass Countertops Used in the Kitchen

CountertopRecycled kitchen glass countertops are a superb alternative to their conventional counterparts, and they’ve presented a new trend thanks to their style and material. These countertops can also be tailored to suit the specific design and shape of your counter. If the solid surface of older countertop materials (such as laminate or granite) no longer interests you, the following forms of recycled glass countertops are worth considering:

Cement Bound Countertops

Cement-bound recycled glass countertops in Utah are created similar to cookie dough. In this case, the cement acts like the dough while the broken glass pieces serve the role of chocolate chips. The result is a chip or terrazzo finish.

Cement-bound countertops require annual sealing to protect them from damage or stains associated with food that might come into contact on its surface. These countertops can be cleaned with a soft cloth and a non-toxic mild cleanser.

Resin Bound Glass Countertop

This type of countertop is manufactured the same way as cement bound countertops, but resin is used in place of the cement. Many homeowners in Utah prefer resin-bound countertops, as it’s lighter than cement. Also, this type of countertop is considerably maintenance free since it doesn’t require sealing.

Spills, especially from acidic liquids, such as lemonade, orange juice, and tomatoes, should not be allowed to sit on its surface, however. These should be wiped as soon as possible to avoid staining the binding material.

Homogeneous Glass

Homogeneous glass countertops are made from recycled industrial and consumer glass, which is subsequently melted and flattened. The material is then shaped to match the counter on which it will be placed. This type of kitchen countertop is made using a 100%-recycled material. Homogenous glass counters don’t scratch easily, but you should not chop or cut food without using a chopping board.

Recycled glass countertops are non-porous materials, which mean that they’re durable, heat-resistant, and don’t stain easily. The binders are extremely hard so they don’t melt, scorch, chip, or break easily. Moreover, recycled glass countertops are easy to clean and maintain.